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Templates and resources

These resources are specifically designed to be capacity building tools for the NSW social services sector. 

Listed here are media release templates, campaign letter templates and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics, from governance to management and more. 

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Information sheet: A Guide to Ethical Decision Making

Managing any organisation, either as a board member or manager, will require making decisions that have ethical components, some of which can be extremely complex.   Whilst laws set out the requirements for boards and organisations to operate correctly, ethical standards extend these legal requirements. It’s not just about ‘doing things right’ but ‘doing the right thing’.

Information sheet: Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members of NSW Incorporated Associations

The people sitting on honorary boards and committees of management have important tasks that need to be carried out to ensure the good governance of the organisation. This information sheet outlines the general roles and responsibilities of each board position. 

Information sheet: Strategic Planning

This information sheet examines the process of strategic planning.  It defines the concept, examines concerns and barriers to effective planning and outlines the benefits and the process of achieving an effective strategic plan. 

Information sheet: Job Evaluations

This fact sheet outlines several approaches to assessing positions within an organisation each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Information sheet: Selecting a Consultant

This information sheet explores key issues in selecting and engaging a consultant. What not to expect from a consultant? What to do after the contract is signed? Evaluation, possible pitfalls and risk management when contracting a consultant.

Information sheet: Restructuring or Winding Up NSW Incorporated Associations

The following information is designed for incorporated associations registered with NSW Fair Trading.  Its purpose is to provide an overview to successfully wind up a NSW organisation or close part of its operations and contains links to more detailed information.  It includes general information about legal industrial and financial matters however it is not advice and should not be treated as such.  

Q and A: NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009

On 1 July 2010, the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 came into force to regulate incorporated associations in New South Wales, replacing the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.  New regulations, Associations Incorporation Regulation 2010, were also adopted and provide further material related to the Act. This information sheet summarises the major changes under the 2009 Act and provides ‘plain English’ answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Information sheet: Quality Improvement Standards for Management and Governance

In this information sheet three main aspects of quality improvement standards in management and governance are introduced:

An overview of quality improvement processes Core standards for management and governance An overview of the diversity of quality assurance processes in NSW

Information sheet: Professional Supervision

Over the last few years, professional supervision has become an option of choice for many executive officers/senior managers in the community sector. This information gives guidelines for good supervision and effective professional relationships.

Information sheet: Making Sense of Measurement and Evaluation

This is a quick guide, prepared by members of the Forum of Non Government Agencies (FONGA) to identify and explain many of the terms used when measurement and evaluation are talked about.

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