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Templates and resources

These resources are specifically designed to be capacity building tools for the NSW social services sector. 

Listed here are media release templates, campaign letter templates and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics, from governance to management and more. 

See the latest resources below or browse by focus area.

Information sheet: The Board and the CEO - Building an effective relationship

It has been said that the most important decision any Board can make is the appointment of their Executive Officer. And the most important relationship is that between the board, particularly the executive and the executive officer. Here are some tips for ensuring this relationship is productive.

Information sheet: Working Together - Glossary of Key Legal Terms

This information sheet provides a series of useful legal definitions for orgnisations working together.

Information sheet: Working together: Resources

This information sheet provides a series of useful resources for orgnisations working together.

NCOSS Advocacy Toolkit

Check out the NCOSS Advocacy Toolkit! We have created this resource to assist organisations in furthering their advocacy skills and to effectively advocate for their social issue. 

NCOSS/FAMS TEI Practice Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about the NCOSS/FAMS TEI Practice Workshops, the learning outcomes, content and who should attend, check out this information sheet!

New Dates Announced for 7 Additional Workshops Across NSW

Due to high demand, additional 'Measuring Outcomes and the Logic Model that Supports It' workshops have been scheduled across NSW.  These workshops are exclusively available to TEI funded services. 

Principles of Co-design

Co-design is increasingly being used by both government and the community sector to describe a range of activities and processes that involve people who use a particular service or product in the design of that service or product.  However there is a lack of consistency in how it is used and what it means in practice.

If co-design is to be effective there needs to be agreement on what it is and how it works. This paper presents the community sector’s perspective on what we have identified as the key elements of co-design.

Q and A: NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009

On 1 July 2010, the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 came into force to regulate incorporated associations in New South Wales, replacing the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.  New regulations, Associations Incorporation Regulation 2010, were also adopted and provide further material related to the Act. This information sheet summarises the major changes under the 2009 Act and provides ‘plain English’ answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Resource: Formalising partnerships kit

This kit has been developed by the Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) through funding received from the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS). This kit is aimed at small to medium non government organisations (NGOs) who may be interested in formalising a partnership with a view to seeking new funding opportunities or revising the way in which recurrent funding is applied to service delivery.

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