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Templates and resources

These resources are specifically designed to be capacity building tools for the NSW social services sector. 

Listed here are media release templates, campaign letter templates and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics, from governance to management and more. 

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Principles of Co-design

Co-design is increasingly being used by both government and the community sector to describe a range of activities and processes that involve people who use a particular service or product in the design of that service or product.  However there is a lack of consistency in how it is used and what it means in practice.

If co-design is to be effective there needs to be agreement on what it is and how it works. This paper presents the community sector’s perspective on what we have identified as the key elements of co-design.

Information Sheet: Changes to the NSW Associations Incorporation legislation

In 2016, the NSW Parliament reviewed the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW) and made a number of amendments to the Act.  They have also replaced the 2010 Regulation with the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016 (NSW).  This information sheet only applies to organisations that are already incorporated under NSW Associations legislation.  It outlines the changes and new requirements of both the Act and the Regulation that associations in NSW need to be aware of to ensure they are compliant with the legislation.

Information Sheet: Electronic Signatures

The use of electronic documents and signatures has become popular practice and it will only grow. While they offer convenience, the benefits have to be balanced against security concerns and ensure they are legally effective. This information sheet considers the issues and provides strategies to protect your digital signatures.

Information sheet: Measurement and Evaluation - Glossary of terms

This is an alphabetical list, prepared by members of the Forum of Non Government Agencies (FONGA) to identify and explain many of the terms used when measurement and evaluation are talked about.

The Ins and Outs of Community and Business Partnership Programs

This paper was presented by Geraldine Skinner, Director of Community Business Partnerships in 2000 at an NCOSS Conference ‘The Business of Welfare’. It maintains its relevance.

Information sheet: Grievance and Complaint Processes

All organisations will need to handle complaints from time to time. These grievances or complaints can occur in a variety of forms and between various parties. Disputes can occur between staff, between staff and management, between management and management, between client and worker and vice versa. This information gives tips on how to effectively manage grievances or complaints.

Information sheet: Formal Collaboration and Governance

This information sheet explores some of the issues that need to be addressed for the effective governance of formal partnership arrangements between not for profit (NFP) organisations and outlines possible risks. 

Information sheet: Shared Services in the NGO Sector

The general purpose of shared services in the private and government sectors is to streamline functions, which are usually spread across an organisation or a number of organisations, into one business unit. The aim is to achieve cost savings, improve access to services, and concentrate specialist skills to improve efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

This information sheet looks at models of shared services and how to ensure it works as successfully as possible.

Information sheet: Working together: Resources

This information sheet provides a series of useful resources for orgnisations working together.

Information sheet: Working Together - Glossary of Key Legal Terms

This information sheet provides a series of useful legal definitions for orgnisations working together.

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