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Templates and resources

These resources are specifically designed to be capacity building tools for the NSW social services sector. 

Listed here are media release templates, campaign letter templates and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics, from governance to management and more. 

See the latest resources below or browse by focus area.

Resources for TEI Local Learning Circles

In consultation with TEI stakeholders, NCOSS is currently developing user-friendly TEI outcomes-focused resources. You can use, adapt or further revise these customisable resources to suit the learning needs of your work team, interagency or Community of Practice. Watch this space!

Links to TEI Reform resources

For key information from NSW Department of Communities and Justice, bookmark TEI home page. For a summary list of TEI Reform resources, see below.

Key resources for TEI recommissioning (updated December 2019)

Skilled to Thrive: Moving towards Stories of Change and Good Practice

What stories are there to tell one year after the completion of NDIS roll-out in New South Wales?

Are disability information and advocacy services materially changing and adapting in response to the times?

Are there new practice models that are emerging, or old ones that are evolving?

NCOSS “Stories of Change and Good Practice” project is aiming to develop a set of practical resources.

NCOSS Advocacy Toolkit

Check out the NCOSS Advocacy Toolkit! We have created this resource to assist organisations in furthering their advocacy skills and to effectively advocate for their social issue. 

Template letter for your local MP

NCOSS has created a template letter for your local MP to advocate for change to the indexation rate, as set out in the recent State Budget, from 1.75% to at least 3%.

Shell Media Release for Non-Profits

This shell media release is intended for non-profits to advocate for change to the indexation rate from 1.75% to at least 3%, as per the 2019/20 NSW State budget.

Social Innovation Council

The Social Innovation Council (SIC) is a strategic partnership between the NSW Government and the Forum of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA).

New NGO Capability Building Tool

The NGO Capability Building Tool allows organisations delivering human services to self-assess against 10 capabilities related to customer centred service delivery. It includes links to free resources and training for self-directed learning.

The tool is free, voluntary and confidential.

VCOSS Governance Healthcheck

The VCOSS Governance Healthcheck assesses your organisation’s governance (including board structures and policies) and financial structures (including financial oversight and controls), and suggests improvements. All you have to do is answer a series of questions, either as an individual on behalf of your organisation or as part of a group. 

Start your health check.

Skilled to thrive: Safeguarding support action

Current changes in disability policy, such as the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), entail a move away from substitute decision making for the person with disability to supported decision making by the person themselves, with appropriate safeguard supports to reduce the risk of harm.

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