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IMPORTANT NOTEThe provision of face-to-face support will always be informed by current and applicable NSW government guidelines on group gatherings and social distancing at any given time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be guided accordingly, and stay COVID-safe. Thank you.

UPDATE, 25/9/2020. The allocations process for NCOSS' Stage 3 Targeted Earlier Intervention Individualised Support has now concluded, and the roll-out of support activities will be resuming for approved packages. For those needing other kinds of TEI support, please visit NSW Communities and Justice key TEI resources page and/or contact your contract manager if you are TEI-funded. 

Are you a TEI-funded provider that’s working to achieve a ‘significant change’ in your service provision as a result of a new TEI contract? If so, the next stage in NCOSS’ TEI Individualised Support (IS) is for you. Please view and use the new resources below.

  1. Flowchart Stage 3 TEI Individualised Support
  2. Request Form Stage 3 TEI Individualised support
  3. Entry Interview & Support Plan Stage 3 TEI Individualised Support
  4. Support Agency Completion Advice Stage 3 TEI Individualised Support
  5. Provider Feedback Stage 3 Individualised Support
  6. List of NCOSS TEI Individualised Support Agencies (upon request)

ALL TEI IS STAGE 3 FORMS - for quick pdf viewing


What is different about 'Stage 3' TEI Individualised Support?

  • It will support a service to achieve a specific Milestone or significant change (identified in new TEI Schedule/s as a result of the recontracting process).
  • NCOSS will work closely with local DCJ districts (CPOs) to prioritise requests.
  • TEI service providers will 'self-assess' their capabilities before and after receiving support.
  • There is opportunity to request for more hours of support (up to 20 hours, versus 10 hour-cap in Stage 2).
  • DCJ districts can now (and should) make direct referrals to NCOSS.
  • TEI-funded services can still self-refer, but will need to go through a prioritisation process (involves NCOSS getting information from DCJ district). To expedite the referral process, we recommend submitting the request form with your district officer (CPO) in the first instance.

Are there new forms and templates for the new support process?

YES. Please don't use the old forms and templates (the new ones above have clear Stage 3 labels).

Can I use a support agency that's not in NCOSS' current list of IS agencies?

NCOSS IS agencies went through a tender selection process in 2018.

  • TEI support agencies who would like to be an NCOSS' IS agency may express their interest to join the panel by emailing
  • TEI-funded providers who are not satisfied with their appointed support agency at any given time may email their feedback to

IMPORTANT UPDATE: COVID-19 restrictions for NGO service providers