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With an extensive background in facilitation, research, and strategy, Tiffany works exclusively with community service providers and not-for-profits because she is a social researcher, social ecologist, and a highly experienced community strategic planner.

Specialities are unpacking complex problems and developing community programs that speak to funding criteria, so that measurable results can be clearly articulated, and, evaluated.  This is achieved with techniques designed to shape programs that deliver results for the benefit all stakeholders, including funding providers.

Her highly collaborative approach facilitates in-depth conversations designed to tackle challenging problems involving a diverse range of stakeholders.   Investment Logic and Program Logic Maps are logical techniques that deliver measurable results for the benefit all stakeholders.

Many community service organisations are operating within a shrinking pool of funding whilst managing increasing expectations for measurable results.  In an ever-changing world, to continue providing services this means focusing on delivering benefits whilst developing new models of care.

Depending on your situation some programs may only require one facilitated discussion, where others may require four to five workshops to complete the process. Workshops are held one-to-two weeks apart and can also be scheduled to dovetail in with programs such as R&D and stakeholder consultation.

Geographical spread or limits
Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter

Services provided

Plan and Deliver Programs
Program logic visually represents the relationships between the resources and activities that comprise a program, as well as the benefits that are expected to result from them.  It is a tool for planning as well as evaluating programs, as there is a clear relationship between the need for the program, and the outcomes and benefits.

Develop New Programs
This is a fantastic program when an organisation is developing something new or different. The investment logic technique is ideal for developing new programs that demonstrate the robust thinking and evidence review has been done up front.

Values and principles statement
I work closely with community-oriented people to unpack complex problems that are important to them, so that they can provide care and support for people in the communities that need them.

Contact Details

Mobile number 0416 564 850

Sydney, NSW

IMPORTANT UPDATE: COVID-19 restrictions for NGO service providers