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QImprove is a consultancy that works with the social purpose sector.  

We provide practical, collaborative and flexible support at all stages of the service lifecycle including:

  • Conceptualising new services
  • Sourcing and applying for funding through tender writing and bid management
  • Implementing new services, including all your quality management needs
  • Reviewing and evaluating services.

We are based in Sydney, but welcome clients from across NSW and other jurisdictions.

Our point of difference

  • We bring extensive sector experience and have worked with many Australian not-for-profits, as well as with government and for-social-purpose businesses
  • We do what we say we will do and provide exceptional customer service
  • We provide detailed proposals to ensure you know exactly what to expect, in line with your budget and expectations
  • We use a collaborative approach to ensure our solutions are relevant and easy to implement within your context
  • We don’t just develop recommendations, new tools, policies or service models – we support you with effective implementation
  • We work in partnership with a small network of experienced and associated consultants who bring a range of complimentary expertise where and when needed, including data specialists, researchers and accountants.

Services provided

Our service offering includes:

  • Tender and bid management: We design and write winning tender submissions or grant applications.  We have secured funding for existing and new services at State and Federal levels, and seed funding for new concepts.
  • Service development, implementation and review: We support the implementation of new services and review existing services, with a view to improve service performance and achieve better outcomes for clients.
  • Evaluation and impact measurement: We undertake high quality evaluations that provide credible evidence of program effectiveness and impact.
  • Quality management: We help organisations to improve service quality and meet external regulatory standards.

Please refer to our website for more information about our services.


Contact Details

Contact nameValerie Rottger
Mobile number 0405 665 388