A NSW free from poverty and inequality


22 March 2018

On Day 7 of CSW62, the NCOSS delegates reflect on a session held by the National Indigenous Women in Rural America and the devastating incidence of violence experienced by Native American women.

21 March 2018

NCOSS Delegate, Un-Ai Jo explores feminism in North and South Korea, and the various movements in both countries to advance gender equality.

20 March 2018

NCOSS was fortnate to attend the special gathering of the Everywoman Everywhere Coalition (EEC). Hear about this incredible campaign, on Day 5 of CSW62

20 March 2018

The power of storytelling, and the sobering insights into how sporting events are big magnets for sex trafficking. Our delegates reflect on what they have learnt at Day 4 of CSW62.

16 March 2018

Day 3 of the Commision on the Status of Women reinforced the idea that our journey to achieve equality for all women and girls is not without complication and challenges. Here's Un-Ai's, Penny and Harpreets reflections on sex traffiking of women and girls, and the stigmatisation of mental health in our society.

15 March 2018

On the second day of the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), our NCOSS Delegation share their insights and experiences from the ground.

14 March 2018

Speaking from the first day of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) the NCOSS Women's delegation reports back on the experiences of women and girls pursuing gender equality around the world.

12 March 2018

Thank you Central West Women's Health Centre for hosting the International Women's Day luncheon in Bathurst. It was a pleasure and privilege to be amongst many strong women and community leaders.

28 February 2018

We welcome last week’s announcement by the Commonwealth Government of a National Plan on Elder Abuse, as recommended by the Australian Law Reform Commission in 2017.

15 February 2018

NCOSS will take the priorities outlined in this paper with us to the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women, and advocate strongly to see that the outcomes from CSW reflect the voice of our members, and the diverse women and girls that we represent in NSW.

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