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Impact investing - a BIG bank's perspective

The National Australia Bank in Impact investing: mixing profits with purpose defines impact investing as “an investment strategy where an investor proactively makes investments that can generate both financial returns, as well as intentional social or environmental returns for the community.”  The article looks at why it is becoming popular for investors and what they are trying to achieve by supporting this form of investment.

The three points where women give up on their careers

The exhaustion of the mid-career marathon and the consequences for workplaces notes three points where women give up on their careers: the launch, the mid-career marathon and the executive transition.  It is based on US research and reflects the corporate world, however it is relevant in the Australian context and while the community sector is not part of the corporate world and is female dominated, again there is still relevance. 

Organisational culture - getting it right

Reshaping the Board’s Role in Organisational Culture notes that “culture is a crucial driver of any organisation's success and a critical lever in its performance. It shapes and influences an organisation’s internal environment, as well as its interactions with and success in the external environment.”  For an organisation to survive there need to be strategies in place that build the right culture.

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