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NSW Human Services Agreement has been adopted

According to Contract News on the ProcurePoint website, from 1 August 2017, “the Procurement Board requires all government agencies to use the Agreement when procuring human services from NGOs. Agencies will use the prescribed template as existing contracts expire.”  This refers to all tender processes that involve one or more NGOs (defined as a non-profit organisations that are independent of government).  It can also be used where there is a mix of NGOs and for-profit organisations. 

Warmth as a leadership skill

Why warmth is the underappreciated skill leaders need.  Social psychologists have observed that our perception of other people is based on two things, how capable, successful, and intelligent we consider  the person to be and how likeable or trustworthy a person seem, that is, how competent and warm a person is and that these are imperative skills for leaders.  However it does not mean a leader should just smile more broadly, it requires a more purposeful and considered appro

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