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NEW RESOURCE: Codes of conduct and ethical responsibilities

BNG have released a guide on Organisation Codes of Ethics and Conduct, documents that are important for both staff, volunteers and, management committees or boards.  It briefly outlines their purpose and what they need to include but stresses the importance of their development including participation and consultation with the people that will be expected to adhere to the resultant codes if they are to impact on behaviour.   

The Whittlesea experience

Community Organisations Look to Philanthropists to Negate Harm from Funding Decline.   59 community leaders and organisations in the northern city of Whittlesea in Victoria have created the Whittlesea Community Futures (WCF) Partnership.  They intend launching their prospectus on 30 May designed to attract funding support 14 project ideas to address social disadvantage and will target areas such as family violence, mental health, people living

Charity law and regulation - what could be next?

Myles McGregor-Lowndes’, most recent book Charting 25 years of Charity Regulation, edited with Bob Wyatt, the executive director of a private Canadian foundation, looks at how charity law has been developed around the world.  It looks at establishment and progress of charity regulators but also considers what the future impact is likely to be.  For more information: Charting 25 Years of Charity Regulation – And its Impact on the Future

Collective impact and the backbone organisation - what works

United Way has considerable experience in collective impact in Australia both generally and as a project’s backbone organisation.  David Lilley in Why Neutrality Matters for Collective Impact Backbones and based on his experiences discusses the importance of facilitating collaboration between the various parties and putting community aspirations and voices at the centre of the project.

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