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Free IT resources

ACOSS has released a new version of Improve IT.The website has a range of free resources for people working in not-for-profit organisations who want to make the most of the technology that is available to make their work better and easier.  They’re arranged in six groups IT management (IT planning, strategy development and governance); Technology (PCs, infrastructure, servers, hardware, software); Information systems (client information, service delivery, donors and memb

NEW NCOSS RESOURCE: Co-design principles

During an NCOSS Fair Deal Forum last year it was agreed there was a need to develop Principles of Co-design to provide a baseline on what co-design is and how it works.  The term is increasingly being used to describe a range of activities and processes in the design of a service or product but there is little consistency in how it is used and what it means.  This paper presents the community sector’s perspective on what we have identified as the key elemen

The Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

The Parliamentary Friends of Philanthropy Group  will be launched at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit. The group was established in May with Labor MP Andrew Leigh and Liberal MP Lucy Wicks as the inaugural chairs.  The summit aims to help philanthropy and government understand how they can work together to achieve shared objectives.  The two day event will look at philanthropy in tumultuous times and impact through advocacy and policy influence.

The danger of mixing ambiguity with governance

Written from personal experience, this Governance Matters blog explores the idea that Ambiguity (is) the culprit when things go awry.  Their experience tells them that “the vast majority of board members are dedicated and committed people, desperate to do the best possible job, eager to serve on an effective, successful and respected board.”  But, when things go bad it is often the result of a lack of clarity. 

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