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Creating an environment for impact

The serendipity of impact: the best results often occur from the unexpected encounter: "Take the field of chemistry, for example, where everything from penicillin to was discovered by accident — nobody was looking for them.” But because they were really good at setting up these experiments and getting the right procedures and teams in place, they made it more probable that these coincidences would happen."  How do you create similar environments to

Measurement and Evaluation: What do you need to know?

How confident do you feel when faced with measuring outcomes and evaluating your service?  Do you know what data to collect or how to analyse it?  Beyond meeting the needs of your Service Agreements, how else could that information be used to support your service?

NCOSS in partnership with Fams are planning training on Measurement and Evaluation but we need to know what information you need.  Are you a beginner or do you need more advanced support?

Neoliberalism's demise: what's next for the community sector?

In "Yes, Virginia, there is a thing called Society": Social policy and the voluntary sector 2017, Professor Paul Smyth (University of Melbourne) argues that neoliberalism is losing its legitimacy.  He questions where this will lead, what kind of society will emerge and what it could mean for the “voluntary sector” ie community sector.  He raises concerns about “a motley crowd successfully tapping diffuse social alienation and anger.  It is as though the political system and soci

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