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Possible interpretations when a leader says 'my door is always open'

“If you are wondering why others aren’t speaking up more, first ask yourself how you are inadvertently silencing them.”  The problem with saying 'my door is always open'  is that that is now how others necessarily see it.  A two-year research study, including interviews with over 60 senior executives, as well as workshops and case studies, illuminates a glaring blind spot: We simply don’t appreciate how risky it can feel for others to speak up.

South Australia's social impact bond foray

In Investors jump on SA social bond, as ScoMo looks to a simpler impact investment model, notes that $9 million was poured into the new “Aspire” SIB in SA in under a month.  The 3 year program aims to provide “housing, life skills and employment pathways” to 600 homeless people.  It also notes the federal Treasurer Scott Morrison is looking to a “bond aggregator” model as an affordable housing policy inspired by a similar program in the United Kingd

Ethics, advocacy and activism

The recent 2017 Australian Governance Summit focused on importance of ethical decision making.  However Barry Rafe, Greenpeace Australia’s director noted that there can be circumstances When Charities Need to Break the Law.  He spoke of the vastly different ethical decisions advocacy organisations must make in their day-to-day work. “You can’t be on the Greenpeace board and be timid…. I’ve learnt that as humans we’ve got a human right to break the law”.

The cost of low wages in the Sector

The Systematic Starvation of Those Who Do Good is based on what is currently happening in the United States, however it could apply in Australia.  Recent media has pointed out that community services workers in Australia, as in the US, are often poorly paid and their salaries do not reflect their education. It argues that funders need to keep in mind that “fiscal responsibility and efficiency need not be synonymous with poverty wages”.

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