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Benefits Realisation Management Framework - What is it?

The Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) Framework has been released by Finance Services and Innovation.  It is a framework of best practice principles and concepts drawn from latest experiences and proven practice in setting up and managing programs, including programs in the Health and Community Sector.  It is a standard approach for benefits realisation management for anyone not familiar with the subject matter, including program directors and managers, change

Possible interpretations when a leader says 'my door is always open'

“If you are wondering why others aren’t speaking up more, first ask yourself how you are inadvertently silencing them.”  The problem with saying 'my door is always open'  is that that is now how others necessarily see it.  A two-year research study, including interviews with over 60 senior executives, as well as workshops and case studies, illuminates a glaring blind spot: We simply don’t appreciate how risky it can feel for others to speak up.

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