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Australian Accounting Standards Issue Paper

Anglicare Australia, together with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) has launched an issues paper on NFP sector financial reporting and accountability. The paper, written by Dr David Gilchrist of Baxter-Lawley in partnership with Anglicare Australia, aims to raise sector-wide participation in the discussion on the  Australian Accounting Stan

#FixFundraising - Harmonise our fundraising legislation

If you fundraise using the internet, you are probably not compliant with the various state fundraising laws.  Although you may only be targeting your local area, anyone across Australia can potentially respond to your fundraiser, consequently you are expected to be complaint with all Australian fundraising legislation.  An open letter to the prime minister, premiers and chief minister has been signed by 150 charities asking that the fundraising legislation

Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) Feedback Session on Submitting Impact Investments Proposals

OSII is gathering information from organisations who have previously submitted proposals, or hope to submit one. It wants to better understand your experience when going through the proposal process. This information will help us review and revise our processes.

It will be running a feedback session for people who were considering submitting a proposal to one of our request for proposal rounds but didn’t and/or would like to share their experience from previous submissions.

Event details are:

Date: 26 April 2017

Time: 2 – 3 pm

Australia's welfare state - the next stage

Not-for-profits must adapt as one arm of government’s ‘three-sector solutions looks at the development of the Australian welfare state, from a time when Government held a virtual monopoly over the delivery of public services in Australia to what has been described as the three-sector solution where services may be delivered by Government, or contracted out to the NFP or for-profit sectors.  It also considers where and how small organisations can fit into this arrangement

The growing issue of cybercrime

There is a tendency to imagine that if you are a small NGO you have little to be concerned about in terms of cybersecurity.  The reality is that any organisation that is linked to the internet or uses cloud storage is a potential victim of cybercrime and the attacks are not necessarily coming from overseas.  Cybersecurity: Island Australia collapses notes new data shows a major increase in locally launched cyber-attacks shows the threats are now close to, or at hom

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