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Leadership - Born with or learned?

Harvard University’s Ron Heifetz, in Can leadership be learned? Acknowledges that you can’t simply copy down notes on how to practice leadership but the skills can be developed.  He “distinguishes between using authority to apply known answers to problems — the realm of technical knowledge, or management — and the creative work of finding new answers for emerging issues, or what he calls adaptive leadership.”

New report on philanthropy and philanthropists

Giving Australia 2016: Philanthropy and Philanthropists Report in research by The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, with the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne and The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, partnered to undertake this research project found that the number of high worth individuals in Australia with the capacity to give significant amounts to charity has almost doubled in ten years. 

An alternative approach to performance review

The annual performance review is generally not enjoyed by any one.  Employee trust and performance improved with regular chats, not ratings describes a different approach being used by the Department of Communications and the Arts. Employees are being asked to treat any work-related conversation as a chance for feedback. It means more frequent performance related conversation and the chance of picking up on possible problems before they become an issue. 

A luddite's guide: how NOT to become the next cyber victim

Cyber security is a people problem more than a technology problem. A single compromised employee, whether malicious or negligent, can render the best systems worthless. The five steps for managing cyber security threats  points out that “It’s not up to the security geeks sitting the corner of the room, it’s up to the management of organisations to have effective training, education and risk management procedures” to avoid cyber security breaches.

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