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Women, Equal Pay and the Future of Work - how can we work together to address gender equity?

Women, Equal Pay and the Future of Work - how can we work together to address gender equity?

Tracy opening

On Monday 11 September, NCOSS members and other stakeholders came together to mark Equal Pay Day and talk solutions around women’s economic empowerment and the future of work.

Equal Pay Day is a symbolic day that marks the additional time from the end of the financial year that women must work to earn the same as men. With recent data indicating that women in Australia could continue to be paid less than men for the next 50 years, it is important that we act now to address the gender pay gap.

The Hon. Tanya Davies, Minister for Women, Mental Health, and Ageing welcomed and addressed the forum and spoke to key initiatives in NSW. 

The Hon. Tanya Davies

We were also joined by an esteemed group of international and domestic panellists:

The Panel discussion highlighted that solutions to address the gender pay gap must take a holistic approach, and address the problem on many different fronts at the same time. This should involve business, government and academia collaboratively working together. Professor Rae Cooper spoke to key research that is coming out from Australia. Troy Roderick called on business to play an active and positive role in re-thinking recruitment practises and flexible working arrangements.  Christina Chun explained that what underpins all these solutions is the need to educate boys and girls early on and for both genders to be exposed to and have choices in entering different occupations. 

Panel discussion

Lisa Witter and Dalia Leinarte held an in-conversation that explored what is happening at the international level to address gender equity and how we, as civil society, can work together to hold governments accountable. 

To conclude, Apolitical Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Lisa Witter soft-launched the Women’s Empowerment Channel. This channel has been developed in partnership with NCOSS, and its official launch will occur at NCOSS's Investing for Good Conference and Marketplace on 8-9 November 2017.

If you are interested in being more involved in NCOSS Women, please get in touch with Policy Officer, Caroline Dimond at caroline@ncoss.org.au 

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