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Welcome to NCOSS Women

Welcome to NCOSS Women

In 2016 NCOSS began a conversation about how we can work together as a community sector, with business, government and academia, to ensure targeted solutions for women’s empowerment throughout their lives, and overall improve the opportunities and outcomes for women in our state. 

Together with hundreds of women around the state we started the New Year for Women Campaign.

Now, in 2017 we have established NCOSS Women, a new, committed team at NCOSS focused on not only on leading and driving the New Year for Women Campaign, but on working to address the array of issues surrounding gender equity and gendered poverty in NSW.

We know, in NSW women are at greater risk of poverty and disadvantage than men. This is a result of systematic and systemic issues in our society that place multiple layers of disadvantage and vulnerabilities on women at different points throughout their life cycle. 

It's time to bring together a collaborative and collective women’s advocacy voice for NSW.

In driving the NCOSS Women program forward, in 2017:

  • NCOSS will convene working groups quarterly for each of the four key areas identified as part of the New Year for Women campaign:
  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Employment
  3. Housing
  4. Superannuation
  • We will continue to convene the Young Women’s advisory Panel and the Seven Sisters Aboriginal Women’s Advisory Panel, and further establish a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women’s Advisory Panel. These panels will shape our policy and advocacy work moving forward; and also become a reference point for NCOSS members.
  • We will establish an independent advisory panel to bring together representatives from across sectors to see positive change in the four Key Areas and develop, in consultation, a new set of action items to realise the broader vision of NCOSS Women.
  • NCOSS will coordinate follow-on New Year for Women Events to continue the momentum and engage new stakeholders, leading the way for an Annual NCOSS Women Conference in 2018.
  • We will develop an Action for Women Strategy to address gendered poverty and disadvantage and ensure economic empowerment of women throughout their life course.

NCOSS is excited to build on our work with government, business and civil society to advance the movement for women’s economic empowerment, and improve opportunities and outcomes for women in our state. Gender equality is a social and economic problem affecting us all. By developing targeted solutions to address this we can have a direct impact in helping break the cycle of disadvantage and poverty for all in NSW and creating a launch point to achieve broader positive change to end poverty.

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