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Time for the Centrelink debt debacle to stop. Now.

Our sister organisation in Victoria, VCOSS, has recently released this video demonstrating the truly ludicrous nature of the Centrelink debt recovery system.

It's ludicrous but the number of people it is hurting across the country is devastating. People who have done nothing wrong. People who can ill afford to be hit up with debt notices, let alone for debts they don't even owe.

The COSS network around Australia is calling for an immediate stop to this debt recovery program.

If you, or someone you work with needs assistance with Centrelink debt collection there are a number of places to seek support.

The National Social Security Rights Network has published a factsheet for people who have received a debt collection letter from Centrelink to help better understand what to do. It can be accessed on their website.

You can also seek assistance through the following channels:

If you'd like to take action in support of an immediate stop to the dept recovery program you can:

A system aimed at scaring people when they have done nothing wrong is - well, wrong. Let's work together to stop it.



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