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SIC seeking EOIs on location data collection trial

SIC seeking EOIs on location data collection trial

To better understand government’s investment in the services it commissions, the NSW Procurement Board has implemented a direction for NSW Government agencies to broaden its collection of data to include more specific location data.

What this means for agencies procuring human services and its funded service providers is that it will be necessary to collect and report data on both:

  • where services are delivered to a service user; and
  • where a service user resides at the time the service is provided.

As such, the Social Innovation Council’s project team is currently seeking expressions of interest from NGO providers of human services to trial a methodology to collect this type of location data in a manner that will not pose any privacy risks.

More information on the direction can be found in the Procurement Board Direction 2017-04.


What are we doing?

We are looking to test the viability of a technology developed by DFSI Spatial Services which could automate this process if embedded into an NGO’s data system.

As there is likely to be a variation in the reporting systems used by NGOs, we are proposing to conduct the trial across two streams. We are looking for five NGOs in each stream. Both streams will collect data in such a way that no sensitive personal information will need to be transferred outside of your NGO’s own internal systems.  

Stream One

This stream is for NGOs which have mature business systems. To participate in this stream, NGOs will need the following:

  1. An automated business system or client management system with data fields for the input of client addresses. These fields must be capable of embedding a JSON-based web service for address validation (please feel free to discuss with us if you are unsure about whether you meet these requirements).
  2. Technical expertise to integrate web services into their automated business system.

DFSI will work with NGOs in this stream to tailor the technology for their systems. However, DFSI will not be able to enhance or develop underlying NGO systems.

Stream Two

This stream will be for NGOs who rely predominantly on spreadsheets to store their information. To participate in this stream, NGOs will need the following:

  1. A current spreadsheet used to record client transactions which includes client addresses.
  2. Internet access.

This stream will test the use of an automated online form which can read spreadsheet data as well as interact with DFSI’s address validation and data harvesting technology.

Benefits of being involved

We are hoping this requirement can be implemented in a way that minimises reporting burdens on NGOs. Being involved in testing at this early stage will give you input into how the implementation of location-based reporting is achieved. Other benefits include insight into the geographic distribution of your service reach and the ability to identify service gaps.

What we need from you?

At this stage, all we need to know is if you are interested in participating and shaping this project. We are seeking expressions of interest from NGOs by 27 July. If you are interested, please socialInnovation@finance.nsw.gov.au:

  • contact details of the most appropriate person within the organisation to discuss next steps;
  • stream you think your organisation falls into; and the
  • government agency for which you are contracted to provide services.

If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with Jemma Castle on 02 8276 8656, or via email at jemma.castle@finance.nsw.gov.au.

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