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NCOSS and the Australian people say YES to Marriage Equality

NCOSS and the Australian people say YES to Marriage Equality


The Australian people have voted yes for equality. Yes to our LGBTQI friends, family members and colleagues having the right to marry the person they love. 

NCOSS now urges Parliament to embrace this and pass the legislation before Christmas while safeguarding anti-discrimination protections. 

This was a collective effort, from everyone who actively campaigned for the yes vote, to each of you who took the time to post your votes back. We did this together. 

NCOSS logo supporting marriage equality

NCOSS is a proud and strong voice for inclusivity and equality in our communities. So of course it's a resounding "YES" from us when it comes to having our say about marriage equality. 

Whether you agree with the process or not, responding to the postal survey is critical! Our collective voices can help promote human rights, striving to give same-sex couples the freedom to marry and the right to equality before the law. 

Ballots will be arriving in the mail from Tuesday 12 September 2017. We encourage you to vote yes for equality, and to post your surveys back as soon as you receive them.

We work with LGBTIQ communities across NSW and are strong advocates for inclusivity, equality and wellbeing for these communities. Here are some actions you or your organisation can take to get involved in the Equality Campaign

NCOSS believes this explainer from Australian Lawyers for Human Rights is a valuable resource to understand the background and what's at stake. Read it here   

This is a matter of equality. This is our chance to be heard. Vote Yes.


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