A NSW free from poverty and inequality

Housing and homelessness peaks call on the NSW Government to prioritise housing and support for the most vulnerable over sporting stadiums

18 December 2017

NCOSS joined Shelter NSW, Homelessness NSW, the Tenant's Union of NSW, Churches Housing and Yfoundations, to write to Premier Berejiklian asking the NSW Government to invest the $2 billion in public money allocated to rebuild sporting stadiums, towards homes and services for vulnerable and low income households in NSW.

Homelessness, rental affordability and rental insecurity for low income households are at a crisis level:

  • there are 60,000 households on the NSW Social Housing Waiting Register, many of whom will wait 10 years;
  • the number of people accessing homelessness services has increased by 43% since 2013-14 and services are supporting 30% more clients than the system is funded for; and
  • over the last 12 months there has been a 12% jump in clients seeking homlessness services due to family and domestic violence

There is nothing more important than a secure home and the $2 billion announced by the Premier for rebuilding sporting stadiums can make a profound difference to the lives of those struggling to live in one of the world's most unaffordable cities.

Read the joint letter to the Premier here.

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