A NSW free from poverty and inequality

Don't leave 1 in 7 children living in poverty behind

Don't leave 1 in 7 children living in poverty behind

On Wednesday 14 October, the 1 in 7 campaign was launched as part of the Sydney Festival for Civil Society. 

Read the full 1 in 7 report here.

We know in NSW, 13.8 percent of children under the age of 15 are experiencing poverty – a rate higher than any other mainland state. Almost 1 in 7 children live in households below the poverty line.

We were honoured to be joined by Comedian Corey White, the Advocacte for Children and Young People, Andrew Johnson, NCOSS President Karen Bevan, members of the 1 in 7 steering committee and hundreds of Festival goers to send a strong message: There are five steps we can take right now in NSW to ensure whatever causes a child to experience poverty, it doesn’t determine their life chances.

The five steps are the result of a state-wide consultation with health and community service organisations about what would make a genuine difference in the life outcomes of children. The recommendations were also informed by feedback from 400 families across NSW with children experiencing or at risk of poverty. 

Now our recommednations are out there - it's time to take action!

From now hundreds of NCOSS members across the state will be meeting with their local member of parliament, talking to their local media, and participating in community campaign action to make sure the change we want to see happens.Together we can make it happen. 

Get in contact with NCOSS Campaigns Manager Melanie Fernandez to find out how you can get involved: melanie@ncoss.org.au

The report is endorsed by Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat, Association of Children’s and Welfare Agencies, Anglicare, Benevolent Society, CREATE Foundation, Early Childhood Australia, Early Childhood Intervention Australia, NSW Family Services Inc, Foodbank, Multicultural Youth Affairs Network, Playgroup NSW, UnitingCare Chidlren, Young People and Families. Y foundations, Youth Action and YWCA NSW. 

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