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CSW62 Report Back | Day 5

CSW62 Report Back | Day 5

Un-Ai Jo

Everywoman Everywhere Coalition (‘EEC’) is a global group of more than 1400 members from more than 140 countries, including 595 organisations, from around the world.

Driven by survivors and practitioners, these women have come together to be an international-level grassroots organisation to campaign for a global movement to combat violence against women and girls. The EEC has one goal – 

‘Mobilisation and execution of a global, grassroots campaign for a universal legal tool, such as a UN Convention or Additional Protocol, that empowers every woman and girl  to have access to legal remedy should her rights to personal security be violated.’

Lisa Shannon, Co-Founder and President of Everywoman Everywhere, tells us that the origin of this movement (re: violence against women and girls) came about when she stumbled upon this massive gap in international law whilst working with Harvard faculty members,  Dr. Charlie Clements and Dr. John Ruggie.

This is a true example of how simple conversation can build a foundation to a strong social movement that can achieve real change and shift the way people think about certain issues in our society.

As a gate crasher to this private event in the middle of NYC (Thanks to Caroline from NCOSS), I was surrounded by organisations and individuals from around the world who have been part of the working groups progressing change for the past 4 years. Today was a significant milestone, and marked the start of Phase II for EEC.

The EEC dedicated the past 4 years to Phase I - staying low, developing a treaty through the working groups to consolidate language that would be accepted universally to combat violence against women and girls.

Vidya, Co-Founder and CEO of Everywoman Everywhere, announced the beginning of Phase II, the moment that they have been waiting for. Many guest speakers around the world followed Vidya to speak about domestic violence occurrences in their countries, their commitment to the EEC and their future outlook on this campaign (with international organisations already in discussion to fuel this movement later this year).

After being in a room full of women and men from around the world that gathered together for a single cause, that is, to end domestic violence against women and girls globally, I look forward to witnessing this treaty going viral like the #metoo campaign.


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