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Apolitical - free global network for public servants

Connecting Public Servants Globally

Apolitical is a free global network for public servants from 124 countries. You can connect with innovators, get help on problems and read news-style articles about what's working in your field.

Apolitical’s thousands of members are from all levels of government, and some of its institutional customers include the UK Cabinet Office...

Commissioning Q & A

Until the last five years the term commissioning was not well known in the NSW community sector. There was some knowledge of its use in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and the role it played in reforming their sectors but only a limited understanding of how it worked and its actual impact.

Its supporters maintain that commissioning will produce efficient, responsive and better quality services that are capable of driving improved outcomes for our clients and their communities....

Evacuation Planning Handbook

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) has recently published a revised Evacuation Planning Handbook. This free resource is a valuable tool for anyone involved in community services, or who may advocate for the interests of marginalised individuals or groups in the event of an evacuation.

The handbook is designed to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency evacuation process. It outlines nationally agreed principles, including guidance on tailoring...

Information Sheet: Electronic Signatures

The use of electronic documents and signatures has become popular practice and it will only grow. While they offer convenience, the benefits have to be balanced against security concerns and ensure they are legally effective. This information sheet considers the issues and provides strategies to protect your digital signatures.

Information sheet: A Guide to Ethical Decision Making

Managing any organisation, either as a board member or manager, will require making decisions that have ethical components, some of which can be extremely complex.   Whilst laws set out the requirements for boards and organisations to operate correctly, ethical standards extend these legal requirements. It’s not just about ‘doing things right’ but ‘doing the right thing’.

Information sheet: Addressing Poor Performance

Performance management is a significant part of every manager's job and dealing with poor performance is inevitable. This information sheet provides tips on how to deal efffectively with poor performance at the first signs of a problem.

Information sheet: Attracting board members

Attracting skilled people onto boards is never easy. Here are some tips to getting the right mix of skills and passion on your board.

Information sheet: Board Delegations

Where the Board has the power to engage in an activity, it can choose to delegate that responsibility to another party, to enable the organisation to operate effectively and efficiently, whilst functioning legally. This information provides some general principles for how the Board can delegate responsibility.

Information sheet: Board performance review

This information sheet outlines principles for effective Board reviews and offers some practical information for Boards that seek to evaluate their efforts.

Information Sheet: Changes to the NSW Associations Incorporation legislation

In 2016, the NSW Parliament reviewed the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW) and made a number of amendments to the Act.  They have also replaced the 2010 Regulation with the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016 (NSW).  This information sheet only applies to organisations that are already incorporated under NSW Associations legislation.  It outlines the changes and new requirements of both the Act and the Regulation that associations in NSW need to be aware of to ensure they are...

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