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Social Innovation Council

The Social Innovation Council (SIC) is a strategic partnership between the NSW Government and the Forum of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA).

New NGO Capability Building Tool

The NGO Capability Building Tool allows organisations delivering human services to self-assess against 10 capabilities related to customer centred service delivery. It includes links to free resources and training for self-directed learning.

The tool is free, voluntary and confidential.

Organisations can use their results to promote their current capabilities and to encourage service improvement and innovation. As the numbers of users increases, organisations will also be able compare their results to those of the sector overall. All results are confidential.

The NGO Capability Building Tool was developed following feedback on the NGO Benchmarking Model. The Tool has been co-designed by NGOs and the NSW Government to help NGOs deliver high quality programs and drive innovation across the human services sector

Find out more about the NGO Capability Building Tool.

The Human Services Outcomes Framework

The Human Services Outcomes Framework is a tool to support NSW Government agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) to embed outcomes measurement into human services planning, delivery and evaluation. It promotes collaboration and consistent social outcomes reporting across the human services sectors.

NSW Human Services Agreement 

The NSW Procurement Board published the NSW Human Services Agreement on 1 May 2017. It is the prescribed template for procuring human services from non-government organisations in NSW. This is first time NSW human services agencies have used a whole of government standard agreement. The Human Services Agreement will:

  • make it easier for NGOs to do business with NSW government agencies by streamlining contracting arrangements
  • promote consistency across NSW government

  • be simple, user friendly and fit for purpose

  • reflect the partnership needed by NGOs and agencies to deliver better human services outcomes.

The Agreement has two parts:

Standard Terms – Agreement for Funding of Services

Schedule – Agreement for Funding of Services

Please see Procurement Board Direction 2017-01 for more information.

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