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Maxumise Consulting Pty Ltd

Maxumise is an organisational and employee services advisory business (Human Capital Management – HCM) that provides and supports an outcome based methodology, tailored to the needs of your organisation.  Maxumise has over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering HCM solutions including working with not-for-profit organisations such as care providers, disability support and peak bodies as well as medical research institutions. 

Maxumise provides integrated services that can start with the rolling strategic plan or any of the other individual services listed below: 

  1. Strategic Planning – a rolling plan incorporating current and future capability and success frameworks;
  2. Structure and Role Management;
    • Structure/organisational design;
    • Position design, sizing and evaluation.
  3. Employee Management;
    • Employee Management - empowerment of employees through the management of the employee’s success against the measures set in the position description.
  4. Success or performance management system;
    • Success or performance framework and success measurement envelope;
    • Success/Performance achievement management – predictive modelling.
  5. Recruitment, assessment and succession planning– acquiring and matching people against competency based position definitions.

The methodology can be applied at the organisational, functional or even project level – the services includes transferring the application of the methodology and knowledge, and, if required providing the supporting software.


Geographical spread or limits: NSW and Victoria (Primary) as well as other states and across the Pacific region.

Services provided:

Integrated and supportive services based on outcome-based HCM competency methodology:

  1. Strategic Planning – plan incorporating capability and performance frameworks;
  2. Structure and position management;
    • Structure/organisational design/audits;
    • Position design – outcome, standard and competency required;
    • Position sizing and evaluation.
  3. Employee Management;
    • Empowerment of employees with associated monitoring and continuous feedback.
  4. Success or performance management system;
    • Success framework and measures –setting and managing.
  5. Recruitment, assessment and succession planning  – acquiring and matching people against role design;
    • Role clarification/design, sizing and valuation

Short listing, proactive assessment and development planning for new and existing employees against current, future position and/or succession planning.


Values and principles statement:

Assisting Organisations Improve their Performance, largely through the better management of their resources, in particular the people resources.

With the correct structure and better definition of the position, in particularly the outcomes together with the “measure of success”, employees at all levels can be increasingly empowered and satisfied.

Maxumise are methodology consultants providing guidance to the organisations to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of the organisation rather than some preconceived or copied solution.  This is referred to as an outcome-based approach or methodology and to maintain ongoing relevance the robust methodology is supported by Maxumise and a software system called “HRmonise”. 






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