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Ethical Orgs

Achieving an ethical reputation is a lot harder than losing one. Ethical Orgs provides affordable ethical, anti-corruption/fraud, investigation and governance training, workshops and consulting services to community organisations to enable them to comply with regulatory requirement (including ACNC governance standards) and more effectively align the work and behaviour of staff, management and boards to the goals of their organisation.

Services include providing guidance to organisations on promoting transparency, not only in their work with the community, but of government in a way that also builds their own ethical reputation in the sector. We believe that ethical practices are integral to a sustainable economy and a society fit for people to live in.


Services provided:

One day courses/consultancies, customised to your needs:

  • Building an ethical and compliant organisation/staff/board. Regulatory frameworks, positive work cultures, developing and implementing a fraud/corruption prevention framework (including risk management, Codes of Conduct, conflicts of interest, gifts and benefits, reporting and internal investigations), reviews/audits.
  • Building an ethical reputation:  Statement of Business Ethics, probity in procurement and business, managing gifts and benefits and conflicts of interests and promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Avoiding corruption and fighting it in the field: International and domestic anti-corruption instruments, promoting transparency and probity, managing conflicts of interests, reporting.


Values and principles statement:

  • Ethical, cost effective and practical services that suit the size and mission of the organisation
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • We work with you
  • Informal, discreet and supportive approach
  • Informal advice




David Burfoot


8B Hurlstone Ave, Hurlstone Park, NSW 2193

0416 10 7935

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