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BNG NGO Services Online

BNG NGO Services Online provides two leading online subscription services to NGOs and service provider organisations across Australia that help organisations with quality management, standards compliance, and good practice in organisational policy and practice.

Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP)

SPP is Australia’s leading online solution for accreditation, standards compliance and quality management, as well as for managing risk and performance. SPP includes over 40 sets of community services and health standards (national and state/territory), as well as a growing list of specialist and international standards. With SPP, you complete self-assessments, link evidence that demonstrates compliance, and produce a final report that you can present to reviews and stakeholders showing how your organisation meets the relevant standard. Assessments are cross-mapped so you never need go over the same ground when working across multiple standards.

Management Support Online (MSO)
The MSO service provides access to over 400 practical resources covering all aspects of running an NGO: governance, management, operations and administration. An MSO subscription gives your whole organisation access to policy templates, guides, pro formas, and information sheets. Just browse or search the collection, download, and customise for your organisation.

As well as offering subscriptions to individual organisations, we also provide a range of tailored packages and portal solutions to peak bodies, government departments, accreditation agencies, and large multi-service organisations.


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