A NSW free from poverty and inequality


1 in 7 campaign

1 in 7 children in NSW experience poverty. But there's action the NSW Government can take now to ensure poverty does not determine these children's life chances. Show your support for the 1 in 7 campaign today.

Empower the West

Communities in the Far West and Western NSW face significant challenges. Access to opportunities and services in these areas is often hampered by levels of investment that do not fully account for the impact of distance, sparse population density and levels of need. Too often, this translates to substandard services and people who are already financially disadvantaged facing out-of-pocket costs that they cannot realistically meet. By investing just $13 million per year communities in Western NSW and the Far West could be empowered to make positive change in their region.

Fair deal for our community services

Fair Deal for our Community Services is about building a stronger partnership between government and our sector in order to develop fair and reasonable reform and procurement processes.

NCOSS 2018-19 Pre-Budget Submission

NCOSS has released a new plan that shows a path forward for the NSW 2018-19 Budget to reduce the experience of poverty and disadvantage in NSW and prevent it happening in the first place. This is your plan. Help us see the change we want to see in our communities by taking action with us today.


NCOSS Women is a committed team at NCOSS focused on leading and driving the New Year for Women Campaign and on working to address the array of issues surrounding gender equity and gendered poverty in NSW.

Skilled to Thrive

The Skilled to Thrive project was established to ensure people with disability continue to have access to appropriate supports to exercise choice and control in their lives by building the capacity of Advocacy and Information organisations to respond to the changing funding and service delivery landscape. This page hosts the resources developed as part of this project.

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