A NSW free from poverty and inequality


1 in 7 campaign

1 in 7 children in NSW experience poverty. But there's action the NSW Government can take now to ensure poverty does not determine these children's life chances. Show your support for the 1 in 7 campaign today.

Disability Network Forum

The NSW Disability Network Forum (DNF) comprises non-government, non-provider peak representative, advocacy and information groups whose primary aim is to promote the interests of people with disability. Its aim is to build capacity within and across all organisations and groups so that the interests of people with disability are advanced through policy and systemic advocacy.

Fair deal for our community services

Fair Deal for our Community Services is about building a stronger partnership between government and our sector in order to develop fair and reasonable reform and procurement processes.

NCOSS 2017-18 Pre-Budget Submission

NCOSS has released a new plan that shows a path forward for the NSW 2017-18 Budget to reduce the experience of poverty and disadvantage in NSW and prevent it happening in the first place. This is your plan. Help us see the change we want to see in our communities by taking action with us today.

NDIS: everyone's involved

The NDIS is a huge reform, and whilst there has been a lot of focus on disability organisations adapting to the new system, we all need to be NDIS ready. All services will likely have to interact with the NDIS in one way or another, but because it's new it’s hard to know what you need to know and how the NDIS might work in your patch. On this page we’ll provide regular updates to demystify the NDIS and how it is working with other services. Keep up to date by signing up to our Ageing and Disability eNews:

New Year for Women

Join key leaders and thinkers from the community sector, business, government, unions and academia to find solutions to women and girl’s economic inequality in NSW and beyond.

NSW Children's Services Forum

The NSW Children’s Services Forum works towards improving the quality, range and provision of children's services in NSW through coordinated advocacy. Membership is made up of state-wide, not-for-profit children's service organisations and their representatives. See below for more information or you can contact Rhiannon on (02) 8960 7912. To keep up to date with Forum work subscribe to its bi-monthly meeting updates.

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