A NSW free from poverty and inequality

2019 Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that the Board of the Council of Social Service of New South Wales (NCOSS) has resolved that the 2019 NCOSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) will occur at 10:00am on Friday, 29th of November 2019 at Youth Action, Suite 401, Level 4, 52-58 William Street Woolloomooloo NSW 2011.

Nominations for election of Directors:

In accordance with Section 31 of our constitution, NCOSS is calling for nominations for the election of four (4) Board Members.

The following nomination forms are available to download from

Both forms must be completed and lodged with the NCOSS Secretary, Suite 301, Level 3, 52-58 William Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, or by emailing kim@ncoss.org.au, by 5pm on Wednesday, 30th of October 2019.

Please note that no ordinary member or nominated representative of an ordinary corporate member may propose more than one (1) person as a candidate, but may second more than one (1) nomination.

If you need more information, please contact me on 02 9211 2599 or email kim@ncoss.org.au.

This year we are honoured to announce that Rev Tim Costello AO, former chief advocate for World Vision Australia and a leading voice for social justice will join us as guest speaker for this event. Tim will be sharing his journey, adversities and successes on topics such as gambling, poverty and homelessness. For more information about the AGM event and to register, visit the event page here.

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