Going Home, Staying Home Reforms

Updated 22 November 2012
On 10 July 2012, the Minister for Family & Community Services, Pru Goward, launched the consultation process for Going Home Staying Home, the NSW Government's reform agenda for specialist homelessness services.

Following the community consultations and written submissions on the discussion paper, there have been a number of meetings of the Sector Reference Group (SRG) and the Expert Advisory Panel and a number of working groups are in the process of being established.

Communiqués have been released from the August and September SRG have been released:

The Consultation Summary Report, which collates feedback from the consultations and written submissions has been released.

The next stage in the process is expected to be the release of a Reform Roadmap by Minister Goward.

Keep updated with progress of the Going Home Staying Home Reforms on the Going Home, Staying Home website.