Lack of investment in social infrastructure may undermine fiscal responsibility

12 June 2012
NCOSS welcomes the NSW Government’s ongoing commitment to funding important programs for vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities. However, this commitment provides no growth beyond what has been previously promised.

NCOSS Director, Alison Peters said “We are pleased that the talk of a tough Budget has not seen cuts to important community services. There is however a focus on infrastructure that won’t necessarily help people who need help now.”

“NCOSS is concerned that there is a focus on providing support for home purchasers rather than people in the private rental market who are struggling with unaffordable housing costs,” she said.

Ms Peters said “We were also looking for increased investment in early intervention programs for children, young people and families. These programs are essential if the Government is to meet its target of reducing the numbers of children in out of home care (OOHC).”

NCOSS will continue to advocate that the NSW Government commit the same attention and resourcing to programs and services that build social infrastructure as they have shown for physical and economic infrastructure in this Budget.

Media Contact: Alison Peters, Director 0425 231 814 (mob)