Vote 1 Fairness in NSW - Fact Sheets

Vote 1 FairnessUsing the themes and goals from the NCOSS platform for the 2011 NSW State Election - Vote 1 Fairness in NSW - NCOSS has prepared 33 individual Fact Sheets which can be used by community sector organisations in their campaign and advocacy work in the lead-up to the March 2011 Election.

The Fact Sheets were released at the NCOSS Forum Are We Fair Yet? held during Anti-Poverty Week on 22 October 2010.

The Fact Sheets detail key issues, recommendations and results and can be used individually to support campaigns on particular issues or as an adjunct to the information in Vote 1 Fairness in NSW. NCOSS will continue to use Vote 1 Fairness in NSW and the Fact Sheets post-Election to ensure that Election commitments are implemented.

The Fact Sheets can be downloaded below.

Vote 1 Fairness Factsheets

Aboriginal Self Determination

Improved Child Wellbeing

A Fair Go for People with Disability

Active and Connected Older People

Strong Communities

Improving the Justice System

More Affordable Housing and Less Homelessness

Better Health and Wellbeing

Fairer Concessions

Better Planning and Infrastructure

Strengthening the Community Sector