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Incorporation: An explanation of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009

front cover of book Incorporation Fully revised 7th edition, 2012
Incorporation is designed to help community groups that wish to understand more about the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. This Act was designed to provide community groups with a simple and inexpensive form of incorporation. Although incorporation is not compulsory, it is an option which community groups should know about.

The book is intended to be of assistance to those who wish to make an informed decision on whether or not to incorporate, and to successfully register and run an incorporated association. The book also contains information aimed at helping people who were familiar with the old Act and want to know what has changed with the introduction of the new Act. The publication of this book was assisted by a grant from NSW Fair Trading.

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Contents include: Summary of the major changes | What Incorporation means | Why incorporate? | Eligibility for Incorporation | Applying for Incorporation |  Steps after Incorporation | The objects and constitution of an Association | The public officer | Responsibilities of the management committee | Meetings | Limits to limited liability | What Incorporation does not provide | The effect of incorporation on property | Ending incorporation | Answers to questions |  Glossary | Useful contacts | Simple constitution for incorporation | Making an application for incorporation | Collective management and consensus decision-making | Fines and penalties | Comparison of association and company limited by guarantee | Conduct of postal ballots | Sample commonly requested NSW Fair Trading forms

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