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Looking for something? You can search our website. Simply enter the word you are looking for and click 'Search'.



The search engine returns similar words and is not case sensitive. For example, enter homelessness and it will return documents containing homelessness, homeless, etc.

You can narrow your search results by using quotes and "-" parameters. Here are some examples:

  1. Placing "quotes" around a word, for example - "discussion paper", means that documents containing only discussion paper (rather than discussion and papers) will be returned
  2. You are only interested in finding homeless related discussion papers from 2010.
    "discussion paper" homelessness 2010 and only those documents containing those three phrases will be returned
  3. You are after anything on "homelessness" as long as it doesn't also mention the "Olympics".
    Enter: homelessness -olympics
  4. If you do not get a result, try being less specific in your search criteria.
    Eg: instead of "incidence of poverty related homelessness" try poverty homelessness

Because the search engine works off a daily indexing system, some of the most recent additions to the site may not yet be listed. 

This search function is powered by Google. Please note that NCOSS does not specifically endorse Google or its products.