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Labor releases Community Services Policy PDF Print

On 17 March, Labor released its Community Services Policy for the election. The Policy commits Labor to:

  • Introduce a Family Literacy program for families from culturally diverse backgrounds – helping children in those families to improve their reading skills and develop to their full potential;
  • Continue the roll-out of the $750 million five-year Keep Them Safe plan;
  • Implement the integrated One Place One Plan program for areas of entrenched disadvantage;
  • Expand and strengthen early childhood services, including by providing 95 per cent of NSW children with early childhood programs for at least 15 hours a week, 40 weeks a year by 2013;
  • Employ 25 additional staff for the Helpline After Hours Crisis Response Team, which delivers critical child protection responses, and two supervisors for the Domestic Violence helpline;
  • Continue to work closely with non-government partners; and
  • Stabilise then reduce the number of children entering care and gradually transfer most OOHC services to the non-government sector.

NCOSS welcomes this recommitment to the Keep Them Safe Action Plan including the budget and the commitment to the transfer of OOHC to the non-government sector.