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Vote 1 - Fairness in NSW: NCOSS Election Document PDF Print
Vote 1 Fairness in NSW
NCOSS 2011 NSW State Election Campaign

Vote 1 Fairness in NSW is a call for all current and aspiring politicians to agree to support measures that will contribute in a real and meaningful way to a fairer, more just and sustainable society. It is a call for us to make sure that when we vote in the State Election we are voting for fairness not just for ourselves but for us all. 

Areas covered include:

  • Aboriginal Self Determination
  • Improved Child Wellbeing
  • A Fair Go for People with Disability
  • Active and Connected Older People
  • Strong Communities
  • Improving the Justice System
  • More Affordable Housing and Less Homelessness
  • Better Health and Wellbeing
  • Fairer Concessions
  • An Effective Transport System
  • Better Planning and Infrastructure
  • Strengthening the Community Sector