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Vote 1 Fairness in NSWNCOSS 2011 NSW State Election Campaign

The next New South Wales state election will occur on 26 March 2011.

In NSW there are still far too many people who do not enjoy the opportunities that most of us take for granted. An affordable and secure home, quality education, good health, a decent job with a fair income while working and in retirement, and a life free from discrimination and violence are sadly not enjoyed by far too many in our state.

NCOSS believes a fairer society is a better society for us all. It is, therefore, in everyone’s interests to care about what happens to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised in our communities. The NCOSS 2011 State Election Platform – Vote 1 Fairness in NSW – calls for a range of measures that will make a difference for those people and communities that are doing it tough. Real, practical ideas that deliver improved outcomes and build a fairer society.

NCOSS has consulted widely through our networks to develop these policies and programs that will address both the symptoms and causes of disadvantage. These measures will improve the wellbeing, resilience and life opportunities for those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised and in doing so improve the wellbeing of us all.

Vote 1 Fairness in NSW is a call for all current and aspiring politicians to agree to support measures that will contribute in a real and meaningful way to a fairer, more just and sustainable society. It is a call for us to make sure that when we vote in the State Election we are voting for fairness not just for ourselves but for us all. 

Our website will be updated frequently throughout the coming months, including our policy documents, fact sheets, submissions and media releases. We'll also have links to party policies, a summary of party announcements as they apply to Vote 1 Fairness in NSW recommendations and links to party websites.  Remember to check regularly for updates or join our campaign through Facebook.

Current Campaigns

In the leadup to the March 2011 Election, NCOSS aims to campaign on each of the 12 themes in Vote 1 Fairness in NSW:

Improved Child Wellbeing

  • Keeping Accountable: What's Good about Wood campaign - The NSW Election on 26 March 2011 provides an opportunity to get political parties and politicians to commit to policies and programs that enhance the wellbeing of vulnerable children, young people and families in NSW.

A Fair Go for People with Disability

  • Stronger Together - The Stronger Together package deserves support from all parts of the community and we also welcome the State Opposition’s position of support for the package which ensures bipartisan support on this issue. This will ensure that people with disability can make decisions about their own needs knowing that there is capacity to meet those needs.

Active and Connected Older People

  • NCOSS campaigns for Older People - The NSW Aged Care Alliance met in late November with the Minister for Ageing, the Hon Peter Primrose and Shadow Minister Andrew Constance to discuss priorities older people in NSW. 

More Affordable Housing and Less Homelessness

Better Health and Wellbeing:  Improved Oral Health

  • It's time to talk teeth! - Oral health is one of the greatest areas of health inequity in NSW. Disadvantaged and low income people have significantly worse oral health and the most difficulty accessing services. Yet, NSW has the lowest funding per capita for public dental services of any state or territory.


Aboriginal Self Determination 

  • Aboriginal Self Determination Forum - 16 February 2011 | NSW Parliament House
    NCOSS is holding a forum to discuss and debate how our election recommendation on the Right to Self-Determination, Autonomy and Representation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People can be practically implemented. We encourage you to attend this important forum to contribute to the discussion.
    Download: forum flier