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The Council of Social Service of New South Wales is a membership organisation. Non government, not for profit organisations based in NSW, delivering human services, or involved in community development, policy or advocacy, are entitled to apply for full organisational membership of NCOSS.

By joining NCOSS, you will extend our ability to ensure that the sector is well informed, articulate, strongly represented and has a high profile.

Types of membership
  • Organisational members receive our monthly newsletter, NCOSS News, and are entitled to vote for the NCOSS Board, half of which is elected each year. NCOSS attempts to involve as many organisational members as possible in the various forums and meetings which discuss government policy
  • Non-sector bodies such as libraries, trade unions, political organisations and businesses are welcome to apply for affiliate membership, as are government departments and services such as schools and hospitals. Affiliates receive NCOSS News but have no voting rights.
  • Individuals supportive of NCOSS objectives are invited to apply for individual membership. They receive NCOSS News and are entitled to vote for the NCOSS Board.

Membership application form

If you would like to join NCOSS please print out this form, and fill in your payment and contact details: fax to NCOSS (02) 9281 1968; or post to 66 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

  • Rates include GST.
  • The registration form will be a tax invoice for GST purposes when you make payment, keep original and send a copy with your payment.
  • If you need more information please call (02) 9211 2599 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

I/We would like to join NCOSS.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Organisation (if applicable): _________________________________________________


______________________________________ Postcode: ______________

Phone: (___) ________________________ Fax: (____________________________

Email: _________________________________________

If you are applying for membership, please choose the appropriate category of membership below so we can consider your application.

  • Organisational membership
    You must be a non profit non government organisation engaged in service delivery, advocacy or policy formulation.
  • Affiliate membership
    This allows non-sector organisations to join NCOSS: eg local councils, TAFE colleges, DoCS offices, political organisations.
  • Individual membership
    Individuals sympathetic to the aims and work of NCOSS are welcome to apply for membership.

Organisational membership
NCOSS annual membership fees are based on the size of your organisation according to its annual turnover. Please indicate the range applicable for you organisation. Fees include GST (new rates effective 1.7.13)

  Annual fee
less than $5,000 $30
$5,000 - $49,999 $75
$50,000–$149,000 $130
$150,000–$299,999 $225
$300,000–$499,999 $375
$500,000–$2 million $830
over $2 million $1,100

Affiliate membership
Affiliates receive NCOSS News each month, but do not have the right to vote.

  Annual fee
Consumer advisory committees to state government agencies, health councils, etc $58
Other affiliates - local government, private firms, trade unions, hospitals, education, environmental groups, etc $300

Individual membership
Membership fees are reduced for individuals living in regional NSW. Concessions for unemployed/students. Proof of concession status required.

  Annual fee
Metro (Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong) $84
Country regional NSW $68
Concession $30

I enclose a cheque (made payable to NCOSS) for $ ________

Please debit my credit card for the amount of $ _________

Card Type: Mastercard Visa Bankcard

Name on card: _________________________________________________

Expiry date: ___/___

Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Card number: __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ CVV number: __ __ __ (refer back of your card)

Thank you for joining NCOSS
ABN: 85 001 797 137