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Sector Development

The Sector Development Unit of NCOSS works to comprehensively support the sector to effectively operationalise its social justice objectives and values.

We aim to proactively enable and resource the development of a high quality and effective community sector through industry services, advocacy, research and policy development.

Major goals of the Sector Development Unit

1: Support and resource the ongoing development of a high quality and effective community sector.


  • Provide leadership and support in developing organisational capacity and sectorial sustainability
  • Deliver and initiate quality services to meet the identified needs of members and the sector
  • Develop the NCOSS research capacity to work on issues affecting the development and sustainability of the community sector.

2: Positively influence key government policies that impact on the sustainability, capacity and vitality of the community sector.


  • Be an effective industry advocate
  • Develop and maintain relationships to support and inform our sector development work
  • Advise government of the current and emerging needs of the sector in relation to work force development, organisational sustainability and other sector capacity issues.

NCOSS Sector Development Strategy 2009- 2012

These strategies aim to provide a balance of activities that address and intervene at the sectorial and organisational levels to influence and build structural capacity.
Download: NCOSS Strategic Plan 2009-12

Further information:

Alison Peters
NCOSS Director
phone: (02) 92112599 ext 107
email: alison@ncoss.org.au

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