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Date added: 23 September 2011 Isolated Patients Get Fairer Travel Subsidies
Date added: 15 February 2011 Dental Health Reform - Back on the Agenda?
Date added: 02 December 2010 AIHW report findings highlight need for major parties to make a commitment to oral health in NSW
Date added: 10 November 2010 Still no guarantee of service for tenants with mental health needs
Date added: 03 August 2010 Teeth Matter! Launch of Oral Health Advocacy Kit for Community and Welfare NGOs
Date added: 08 June 2010 Announcements welcome but more work to do
Date added: 07 June 2010 NSW State Budget – still work to be done
Date added: 12 April 2010 Better oral health for low income and disadvantaged people
Date added: 10 March 2009 NSW community groups paint grim picture on oral health
Date added: 30 January 2008 Inquiry into NSW health system misses the mark
Date added: 14 January 2008 Release of public dental waiting list numbers welcomed
Date added: 26 September 2007 NSW Public Dental Forum
Date added: 18 June 2007 Dental health, affordable housing and pre-school boost tops budget hopes
Date added: 13 December 2006 All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
Date added: 02 August 2006 Poverty is at the heart of the health problem
Date added: 23 June 2006 Auditors General Report on Failed NSW Dental Service:Funding Won’t Fill The Gap
Date added: 07 June 2006 State of decay: dental budget failure
Date added: 06 June 2006 Dental health boost tops budget hopes
Date added: 01 June 2006 B Plus for Mental Health Package
Date added: 11 May 2006 Iemma is right in asking the hard health questions of the future
Date added: 04 May 2006 Dental fees will further hurt low income people in NSW
Date added: 31 March 2006 Dental Inquiry – some teeth, but enough bite?
Date added: 28 March 2006 Dental health report is a big opportunity for Iemma
Date added: 17 March 2006 Good news for isolated patients but more must be done for rural health transport
Date added: 15 March 2006 Consumers conned in trials of electronic health records
Date added: 09 December 2005 Funeral inquiry report a positive first step for consumers
Date added: 25 October 2005 New Research Shines Light on Massive Health Inequalities in NSW
Date added: 21 October 2005 Iemma: be a leader on mental health
Date added: 14 June 2005 Proposal for funeral industry shake-up
Date added: 27 May 2005 The 2005 Insurance Survey reveals that the rate of premium increases for most insurances taken out b
Date added: 12 April 2005 There's a hole in the Safety Net
Date added: 07 April 2005 Parliamentary probe into NSW dental services most welcome
Date added: 23 March 2005 Proposal for funeral industry inquiry strongly endorsed
Date added: 16 February 2005 Dental Health Scandal Must be Addressed by COAG
Date added: 08 February 2005 Time for Bidding War in Mental Health
Date added: 30 January 2005 The huge cost of dying
Date added: 11 January 2005 Time to take action with the Health system
Date added: 22 December 2004 Health Transport Must be Boosted
Date added: 12 October 2004 Concrete smoking bans in clubs and pubs finally announced
Date added: 31 August 2004 Replacing the Inebriates Act
Date added: 24 August 2004 Private health rebates deepen the urban-rural divide
Date added: 27 July 2004 Will patients win from Area Health Service changes?
Date added: 22 July 2004 NSW hospitals need urgent changes to free trade agreement
Date added: 08 July 2004 Health merger dividing local communities
Date added: 23 February 2004 The right to treatment - adequate services, resources and time
Date added: 12 November 2003 Medical research can already get its fair share of club funds
Date added: 20 August 2003 Prevention the priority for NSW Alcohol Summit
Date added: 07 August 2003 Facing up to poor mental health
Date added: 22 July 2003 NCOSS Says Medicare First to Senate Committee
Date added: 15 August 2001 Need for better transport for Health Services in Rural and Remote areas
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