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Date Item Title
Date added: 28 January 2011 Affordable housing cuts must be reversed
Date added: 21 December 2010 Affordable housing paper deserves proper consideration
Date added: 04 March 2008 Five year plan needed to address housing affordability in NSW
Date added: 04 March 2008 Five year plan needed to address housing affordability in NSW
Date added: 20 March 2007 Labor Party promises on affordable rental housing
Date added: 13 February 2007 Housing affordability needs more than a quick tax fix
Date added: 23 January 2007 Kickstart for public housing renewal welcomed
Date added: 08 June 2006 Debnamís affordable housing tax measure a welcome start
Date added: 15 May 2006 Debnam must think again on Housing Strategy
Date added: 05 April 2006 Affordable housing requires vision, not obsession
Date added: 28 February 2006 Cobb defends poor SAAP deal for NSW
Date added: 10 February 2006 Olympic sized rip-off on affordable housing
Date added: 05 December 2005 Sharing the Future of the City of Cities
Date added: 28 September 2005 Further evidence for SAAP funding campaign
Date added: 09 September 2005 A big tick for better residential parks legislation
Date added: 12 August 2005 Spending data confirms pressures on NSW low income households
Date added: 01 August 2005 Iemma urged to link vendor tax and affordable housing
Date added: 01 June 2005 Housing and jobs targets for next phase of Knowles' grand plan
Date added: 26 May 2005 Modest budget boost to housing spending is welcome
Date added: 06 May 2005 Natural justice for public housing tenants
Date added: 28 April 2005 A plan for mis-shaping public housing
Date added: 19 April 2005 Target property tax cuts for low income housing
Date added: 09 March 2005 Housing justice in NSW
Date added: 09 December 2004 Thumbs Up to Government Land Release Approach
Date added: 07 December 2004 Closer Look Needed at Redfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
Date added: 03 December 2004 An Index of Social Outcomes for Planning Sydney's Future
Date added: 03 August 2004 Forging a Redfern and Waterloo agenda
Date added: 01 August 2004 Index of Social Outcomes for the Metropolitan Strategy
Date added: 06 July 2004 Carr should join Latham with new housing funds
Date added: 24 June 2004 Carr's chance to make affordable housing a State priority
Date added: 04 May 2004 Backward step in Public Tenant Management
Date added: 22 April 2004 Ensuring a sustainable Sydney
Date added: 15 March 2004 Howard and Carr must stop the death of public housing
Date added: 30 October 2003 Developers and builders must pay their fair share for affordable housing
Date added: 28 September 2003 Rent Assistance Scheme failing in Sydney
Date added: 05 August 2003 Making housing affordable
Date added: 17 June 2003 Lack of affordable housing at ADI site a disgrace
Date added: 14 February 2002 Housing reform package: positive signs but also costs for disadvantaged people
Date added: 31 October 2000 A major Post-Olympics affordable housing plan
Date added: 25 August 2000 No Olympic Spirit for Leichhardt boarding house residents
Date added: 15 May 2000 Shake-up called for in private rental market
Date added: 10 April 2000 First home owner grants need a means test
Date added: 16 February 2000 Carr's housing message only half right
Date added: 04 February 2000 Renters are hurting in Olympic City
Date added: 25 January 2000 Bold steps urgently needed for low cost housing in Sydney
Date added: 21 September 1999 Housing Minister picks wrong targets
Date added: 15 March 1999 Lifting the silence on Housing in the State Election
Date added: 08 March 1999 Minister must act to protect Low Income Housing
Date added: 03 December 1998 Double GST Blow for Low Income Residents
Date added: 28 October 1998 Hold Off on Residential Tribunal Bill
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