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The NCOSS Blog is the place to keep up-to-date with the work being done by NCOSS and the latest events and information of importance to the NSW Community Services sector.

Disaster Readiness Resources to assist community organisations PDF Print
Sector Development
Date added: 16 January 2014
A number of resources are available to assist community service organisations to respond to emergency situations.
Redfern's changes may put pressure on battlers PDF Print
Date added: 10 January 2014

Short letter from NCOSS printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 10 January, 2014 :

"While it is good to see positive reporting on Redfern’s arts, café and bar scenes (‘Redfern now…from no-go to can’t stay awaySMH, 9/1/14 p.9), the question arises as to what happens to lower income households when an area that was once a focus for affordable housing evolves to become a magnet for students and the presumably well off ‘young-at-heart’."

Unpicking ICACís position paper PDF Print
Sector Development
Date added: 20 February 2013

Funding NGO Delivery of human services in NSW: A period of transition... an interesting read but what is its purpose?

By Amanda Smithers
In August last year, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), released its consultation paper Funding NGO Delivery of human services in NSW: A period of transition. This was followed in December, immediately prior to Christmas, by the release of the Position Paper which included 18 recommendations.

One of the interesting aspects of both papers is that neither the context or reasons for the research and subsequent papers was provided, nor how they fitted within ICAC’s area of responsibility. In addition there has been no explanation as to what will happen to the recommendations in terms of whether they will feed into a particular process or how they might be implemented. This is all very unclear.

Whilst recognising that human services NGOs may be a corruption risk for Government, the thrust of the original consultation paper appeared at times overly reactive and gave the human services NGO sector a capacity to influence government that most within the sector would question. In addition, the term “corruption” was not defined but its use suggested something much broader than outlined in the ICAC Act (See Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 No 35 Pt 3 Sec 7-8). The NCOSS submission observed the tone was emotive and at times accusatory, whilst the content too often relied on sweeping statements with little or no substantive detail.

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