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NCOSS produces numerous submissions and reports on social policy, conference papers and other documents. This section allows you to access and download our online documents. Content spans from 1997 to present, most items older than 3 years will be found under the Resource Archive .

Planning and Infrastructure

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NCOSS Submission: NCOSS notes that it is proposed to call the revised SEPP (Seniors Living) 2004 the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability).
NCOSS Submission: Draft Revitalising Parramatta City Centre Plan (the draft Revitalisation Plan)
NCOSS Submission: Redfern Waterloo Authority’s Draft Affordable Housing Contributions Plan (the Draft Plan) (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/rwa-affordable-housing-contributions-feb07.pdf)
NCOSS Submission: Draft Revitalising Liverpool City Centre Plan (the Revitalisation Plan)
NCOSS Submission: Draft Revitalising Penrith City Centre Plan (the Revitalisation Plan)
NCOSS Submission: State Significant Site and Major Project (concept plan) Application for East Darling Harbour redevelopment (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/east-darling-harbour-nov06.pdf)
NCOSS Submission: State Significant Site Listing and Concept Plan for redevelopment of Carlton United Breweries Site, Chippendale (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/cub-site-submission-november06.pdf)
NCOSS Submission: Draft Redfern Waterloo Phase 2 Human Services Plan (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/Sub-Redfern-Waterloo-HS-Plan-Phase2.pdf)
NCOSS Submission: Draft State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2006 (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/infrastructure-draft-SEPP-nov06.pdf)
NCOSS Briefing Note on Metropolitan Strategy Growth Centres (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/urban_development/submissions/Briefing-note-growth-centres-July-06.pdf)
NCOSS and Shelter NSW Submission: Review of State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP)(Seniors Living) 2004
Presentation given to FONGA by Anna Peterson, Social Sustainability Manager, Landcom, on Planning for Social Sustainability
NCOSS notes that this is the first of 6 promised Regional Strategies for coastal growth areas. Its release was following shortly afterwards by the announcement of the Government's Metropolitan Strategy.
How does the Metro Strategy rate against its own aims?
What NCOSS Proposed? What the Strategy says? Comments
NCOSS Submission: NCOSS welcomes the opportunity to respond to the planning proposals for the proposed new Growth Centres in South West and North West Sydney. These proposals, and the yet to be released redevelopment plans for parts of the existing suburban area of Sydney, will have far-reaching implications for the form and structure of the metropolitan area.
NCOSS Submission: the Metropolitan Strategy scopes a vision for Sydney that delivers economic, environmental and social sustainability over the next 30 years. The submission is based on the debate and discussion held at the NCOSS two day forum Bursting at the seams held in November 2004.
file icon The Review of S94 01/12/2003
NCOSS Submission: NCOSS supports approaches to urban and regional development that are based on sound sustainability principles and incorporate effective community participation - central to this the principle that developers who make a substantial profit from major residential and commercial developments should continue to contribute to long term community well-being in those developments. NCOSS also believes that landowners, who have, and continue to make major profits from the sale of holdings which are rezoned, should make a similar contribution by way of betterment taxes.