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NCOSS produces numerous submissions and reports on social policy, conference papers and other documents. This section allows you to access and download our online documents. Content spans from 1997 to present, most items older than 3 years will be found under the Resource Archive .


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NCOSS submission: NCOSS focuses specifically on issues for the Health NGO workforce.
NCOSS Submission: NSW Health on the Draft Policy and Procedures for The use of photo-documentation for sexual assault and child physical abuse medical and forensic examinations .
This submission to the NSW Health Minister is based on discussions from a 12 March 2001 forum to consider the development of a networked Electronic Health Record (EHR) system within NSW Health.
NCOSS submission: NSW Health Review of the Personal Health Record (Blue Book)
NCOSS Submission: NCOSS provides comments on the policy framework, with a general aim of ensuring equity and consistency in health transport services.
NCOSS Submission: NCOSS provides comment on the consultation draft of the NSW Health NGO Policy Framework.
NCOSS submission: NSW Health in response to the draft Integrated Primary and Community Health Policy (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/health/submissions/ipch-policy-march06.pdf)
In August 2003, IPART, released its report on NSW Health - Focusing on Patient Care. The report proposes greater clarification of the roles and responsibilities of the Area Health Services and NSW Health.
NCOSS Submission: In the Report of the Chief Health Officer of NSW oral health is covered in the section of the report entitled health priorities. However it can be said that oral health as a priority is not reflected in the funding and resources that are committed to oral health care in NSW. As quoted in the report from AHMAC, “Dental caries is the most prevalent health problem, and periodontal diseases are the fifth most prevalent health problem, in Australia. About 90% of all tooth loss can be attributed to these two health problems and, because they are preventable and treatable, most tooth loss is avoidable” (292)
file icon NSW Cancer Plan 01/01/2004
NCOSS Submission: NCOSS supports the desire of the Institute to quickly achieve better results for cancer control for the people of NSW. However NCOSS encourages the Institute to not let the drive for quick results compromise the provision of quality services and effective treatment and interventions.
NSW Health is planning cuts to the NGO Program. The cuts are not based on the outcomes of any review of the NGO Program. NCOSS strongly urges the NSW Health Council to oppose these cuts.
NCOSS response to the report on the Inebriates Act 1912. The report was the result of an earlier inquiry into the Inebriates Act.
This report specifically looking at issues for people with a mental illness or an intellectual disability.
Oral health is concerned with the well being of the mouth and its structures. Poor oral health has a range of consequences including pain, difficulty in eating and the avoidance of certain foods (which lead to wider health problems), impaired speech, loss of self esteem, restricting social and community participation and impeding the ability to gain employment. Generally a person’s overall quality of life is affected.
NCOSS affirms our support for women to have the right to reproductive choices in NSW.
NCOSS is opposed to the introduction of co-payments as Introducing co-payments without a corresponding increase in funding to public dental services would appear to be an effort by NSW Health/Government to shift costs onto those that are least able to afford it.
Joint submssion: NCOSS and NSW Association for Adolescent Health submission regarding the implications of a National Safety Quality Accreditation Standards on the community health and non-government organisation sectors
NCOSS Submission
NCOSS Submission: Inquiry into the Operation and Effectiveness of Patient Assisted Travel Schemes (http://www.ncoss.org.au/bookshelf/health/submissions/iptaas-submission-senate-inquiry-may07.pdf)
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