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Flight to the FutureFlight to the Future: Towards 2017
NCOSS Sector Development Conference
1 August 2007

This major sector development conference was a ‘Big Picture Day’ designed to enable us to anticipate and build the sort of sector we will need by the year 2017.

The program included a range of presentations from expert speakers on topics as diverse as the history and current situation for the sector, and future trends between now and 2017 for the workforce, the environment and for Indigenous people. There was also an enlightening presentation on the potential of ‘strategic foresight’ to assist us in meeting future challenges as a sector. 

Copies of the presentations are available below.

During the Future Building Sessions in the afternoon, delegates worked in one of four groups (workforce, clients, and the sector, society) to develop future actions to deliver our priority outcomes between now and 2017. The outcomes from the sessions, as well as futurist Professor Richard Slaughters' identified “Robust Actions", are available below.

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