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Perspectives on Poverty - This major policy conference, held during 2007 Anti Poverty Week, discussed the reasons, conditions and solutions on aspects of poverty in NSW. 10.2007
Flight to the Future: Towards 2017 - This major sector development conference was a ‘Big Picture Day’ designed to enable us to anticipate and build the sort of sector we will need by the year 2017. 08.2007
Getting It Across - this seminar explored the issue of the community sector’s public profile and visibility, and its many implications. 05.2007
Summary: Dropping off the Edge: the distribution of disadvantage in Australia - a report by Professor Tony Vinson for Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia. The findings in the report were discussed at a joint forum organised by NCOSS and Catholic Social Social Services NSW/ACT on 16 March 2007. 03.2007
Window on Economics Seminar Series
A series of seminars
exploring how economic and social policy interact on issues of social justice
Electronic Health Records
Presentations on the National Electronic Health Records, Health Connect, by Amanda Bresnan, Consumers Health Forum, and Stephen Gallagher, Aids Council of NSW, for the EHR consultation held in Sydney on the 14 April 2005.
Measuring Social Results
Seminar on the progress of a suite of reporting initiatives that provide information about the social, environmental and economic performance and impacts of corporations and governments.
Bursting at the Seams?
Social Sustainability and Sydney's Future
A joint NCOSS/Shelter NSW Conference held in November 2004.
Working together for Mental Health
A forum for discussion and debate on the current situation for people experiencing mental health issues across NSW.
Exploring the role of community welfare organisations in seeking changes to the policies and practices of Government.
Scales of Justice?
Challenging some of the myths underpinning the law and order debate and explored alternative approaches to criminal justice and sentencing.
Commonwealth privacy laws and the community sector
Who does the Privacy Act apply to and what does it mean for an organisation's policies and procedures.
Electronic health records and new health privacy laws forum
The Forum was designed as an opportunity for a range of consumers and community groups across NSW to receive information about the EHR and its proposed legislative framework, and to contribute to NSW Health's implementation strategies.

Exploring issues on social auditing and the processes that enable the assesment of social performance.


Building NGOs - Building Communities
This one day conference provided several examples of practical measures which are now being taken to improve the capacities of non profit, community organisations.


The Business of Welfare
What is the future path for community organisations as they are increasingly thought of as 'social entrepreneurs.' The Business of Welfare conference debated some of these issues.


Networking for Sucess Conference
How to build and create effective partnerships, alliances and coalitions in a competitive environment.


Living in the Olympic State II
Covered issues relating to the community legacy from the Games, post-Olympics management, the pricing and availability of facilities and transport to them, and spending on health, community services, childcare and vocational training in the wake of the Olympics?


Made to Measure Conference
This conference examined the importance of quality of life and well-being, and how these might be measured in terms other than economic, how we define improvements in community life and how to measure the contribution that human services make to people and communities, pros and cons of micro-economic reform tools like unit costing and output-based funding, and ways to identify the results of community development and building social capital.


No Interest Loans Schemes (NILS) Conference
This one day conference provided an opportunity to hear about NILS from experiences across Australia, and to assess the benefits, the costs, the opportunities and the way forward.


Shifting Ground Conference
A range of policy and management issues facing the community sector in NSW.


Living in the Olympic State
Issues effecting the community in the lead-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.


Can we tame the competition tiger?
Microeconomic reform in human services: towards a community sector position.


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