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An NCOSS Conference exploring the role of community welfare organisations in seeking changes to the policies and practices of Government.
12 March 2003

advocacy!Seeking changes to the policies and practices of Government is a fundamental role for community welfare organisations. This systemic advocacy role is increasingly under threat through funding pressures, economic rationalism, and changing relationships between community organisations and Government agencies.

This conference re-examined why community organisations engages in systemic advocacy, and investigates some recent union and community sector campaigns, both the wins and the ongoing battles. It considered the place of systemic advocacy in social capital debates, and whether contemporary advocacy is undertaken 'with' or 'for' consumers. It debated the role of unions in community advocacy, and whether the growth in community participation processes is helping or hindering advocacy work. It also included practical discussions about using the media, developing strategies, and managing relationships with politicians.

Conference Papers
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Case Studies
  • Funding of the SACS Award increases
  • Preserving the Disability Information and Advocacy Program
  • Refugees and Asylum seekers
  • Reconciliation
    • Heidi Norman, Jumbunna Indigenous House Of Learning [152kb pdf document]
  • Redevelopment of the Erskineville Estate
Workshop Sessions
  • Re-inserting advocacy into social capital debates
    • Jenny Onyx, University of Technology, Sydney [135kb pdf document]
    • Faye Williams, Local Community Services Association [135kb pdf document]
  • Clamping down? Restrictions from funders
  • Advocacy and faith-based organisations
  • Challenging stereotypes! Effective use of the media
  • Preserving your independence (while maintaining your income)
    • Lewis Kaplan, Alzheimers Association NSW [79kb pdf document]
  • Flirting with politicians
  • Participation, citizenship and the price of advocacy
  • Advocacy in the age of economic rationalism
  • Community advocacy and the union movement
    • Kate Lee, Australian Services Union [73kb pdf document]
    • Arthur Rorris, South Coast Labour Council [73kb pdf document]
  • New media - what can they deliver?
  • Advocacy with or advocacy for consumers
    • Rob Lake, People With Disabilities [130kb pdf document]
    • Paula Hanlon, NSW Consumer Advisory Group [281kb pdf document]
Workshop Sessions

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