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Mutual Account-Ability
Valuing the Social
25 September 2001

Social AuditingThe social impact and performance of government, businesses and community organisations is a topic that has received considerable recent attention. We all operate in increasingly complex environments, often characterized by diverse expectations from a range of stakeholders.

While the sorts of pressures and demands for greater social accountability may vary between industries, it is increasingly obvious that successful organisations take a proactive approach to contemporary and emerging issues.

Measuring the social impact of organisations and policies is key to numerous current debates including corporate citizenship, mutual obligation and consumer demands. And there is growing interest in the relevance of social auditing to the measurement of social performance.

Social auditing is a process that enables the assessment of social performance and the conference will discuss its application from a range of perspectives. This will include an exploration of the different rationales and approaches to social auditing through cross-industry discussion and the exchange of expertise and ideas.

The quality of the dialogue between the corporate, community and government sectors will largely determine the capacity for partnerships. We all have an investment in furthering that dialogue.

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Key Speakers: What is Social Auditing and why is it relevant?

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